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Month: June 2017

Feel the burn, not the pain: Avoiding Exercise Inguries

Do you have to warm-up before a workout? Is doing the same workout everyday bad for your body? Do shoes matter? Knowing the answers to those questions and understanding more about safely exercising can prevent injuries.

bigstock-Running-at-sunrise-couple-exer-65124211.jpgTraining injuries are not only painful, but they also can hinder your fitness goals. Keep in mind; injuries don’t just happen to exercise rookies. Anyone regardless of their fitness level can get hurt during a workout. Although you may not always be able to avoid a few aches and pains after exercise, you can decrease your chances of injuring yourself.

Why Exercise Injuries Occur

You can hurt yourself exercising when the joints, ligaments or muscles are stressed beyond normal. Common exercise injuries include runner’s knee, plantar fasciitis and shin splints. Sprains, strains and back pain are also common.

Muscles, joints and ligaments may be overloaded and stretched past their limits if you dive into exercise too quickly without warming up first. Exercising too vigorously and not knowing your limits, can also stress muscles, leading to strains and pulls. Using incorrect form can also increase your chances of an injury. Read More